Applause for Johan de Meij

The celebration of johan’s 65st birthday and celebrating 30 years of his Symphony The Lord of the Ring was indeed a perfect concert. Johan wrote a comment: A dream came True!!! And I can only agree.

We received an invitation to be part of this event some time ago. Johan asked if we could play Fellini for windband, circusband and Alto Sax.

In the Oosterpoort in Groningen we shared the stage with Provinciale Brassband Groningen conducted by Rolf Verbeek performing Extreme Make Over as opening of the concert.

The Noord Nederland Youth Windband continued with Fellini for Alto Saxophone, windband and circusband and what a great composition that is!

We had the privilege to work with Hans de Jong, Alto Saxophone. He lifted the performance with his playing and acting! A class act!

After the break Johan de Meij performed his symphony with the Noord Nederland Orchestra, and the LOTR for Symphony orchestra works so well!

The 1000 people in the audience had a great night.

The review in “de Groene Amsterdammer” was so nice and true: The ovation of the audience reached the proportions of a popconcert.