Lux Futura: World Premiere in The New Church Delft

Last weekend the Royal wind band Delft performed the Golden Age concert in the New Church in Delft. What a great venue !

The Program was structured around the Golden Age, and was a overview of the history of Delft from this famous period which was also the start of Delft Blue. It took us all the way from the 17th centurie into present age. Delft celebrates the Golden Age. Delft painters like Johannes Vermeer en Pieter de Hooch besides some famous scientists as Hugo de Groot, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek and Reinier de Graaf.

Highlight for me was the world premiere of Lux Futura composed by Kevin Houben. What a passionate and great performance. The composition is stunning, it puts the city of Delft on music, and brings the history with the famous painters, the royal graves to the present with TU Delft. De DELFT theme works so well and I love the sound samples !

Francis Broekhuizen was the compere.

Thijs Perenboom, Bas Vollebregt en Francis Broekhuis

The score was given to the community of Delft by the president of the Orchestra: Thijs Peerboom.

New Trumpets !

Last Monday the week after the European Brassband Championships I visited the Yamaha Atelier in Hamburg with Gerard Koning to talk about Future plans ! Great people and friends. I could not resist buying some new trumpets ! After some years of not playing at all it is so much fun to play again ! Thank you Timo and Eddy for the great company and friendship.

Gouden Spiker Festival featuring Arfon Owen

Op 12 en 13 april organiseerde de Spijkerpakkenband weer het Gouden Spiker Festival. Wat is dit toch een geweldige traditie, en het is indrukwekkend om te zien hoe ieder bandlid zich inzet om het festival tot een succes te maken. Tja dan heb je als dirigent ook je taken, zoals de solist ophalen ! Mooie klus en het was geweldig om Arfon Owen als solist op de 2 galaconcerten te mogen begeleiden. Wat een geweldige hoornist is hij ! Ook super om te zien hoe hij de hoorn groep heeft geholpen tijdens individuele en groepslessen ! Het was weer een mooi feest !

10 years NNJO Evolution of a Orchestra

Last Saturday we celebrated the 10th birthday of the North Netherlands Youth Orchestra. In Theater the Kielzog. We performed a varied program with highlights of each year we passed. What a joy to be the conductor of this incredible group of young musicians ! Proud and Happy !

We invited Lidewei Loot, Jeroen Rienties and Musical Group Vals Alarm to join the stage.

Les Miserables with Vals Alarm

Rob ready for a Oscar !

Michael Steenbergen made some fantastic movies, and Forrest Gump was a stunning feature.

Lidewei was stunning again: Only teardrops and Stone Cold ! Wow what a voice !

Jeroen Rienties performed Nessun Dorma and Feeling Good ! Great to have Jeroen back on Stage after some great tours we remembered.

Afscheidsconcert als dirigent van Fanfare OG Krommenie na 11 mooie jaren

Wat was het een fantastisch afscheidsconcert ! Na 11 mooie jaren met vele mooi momenten was het in mijn ogen tijd voor een frisse wind voor OG !

Het was dus tijd om plaats te maken voor een nieuwe dirigent.

Op 30 april vierden we de 11 mooie jaren met een prachtig concert. Wat was het indrukwekkend en wat is er bevlogen en gepassioneerd gespeeld. Dit voelde als op het hoogtepunt stoppen. Heerlijk en ontroerend.

Dank voor alle lieve cadeaus en de 11 jaren en ontzettend veel dank voor deze 11 prachtige jaren. Het ga jullie goed !

Weekend with Brassband A7 in Memmingen

Last Weekend I worked in Memmingen as guest conductor of Brassband A7. I was invited by their conductor Thomas Wolf. It was a great weekend, with so much improvement, fun and disciplin !

Thank you for a great inspirational weekend and the great food !!!

Dalmellington Brassband

March 10: So happy with my debut as conductor of Dalmellington Band during the Scottish Championships. The result was great !

2019 Scotland – Championship Section

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Perth Concert Hall

Test piece:
Seascapes, Ray Steadman-Allen

Sarah Groarke Booth and Sheona White

1 The cooperation band Russell Gray 191 4
2 Whitburn Prof Nicholas Childs 190 3
3 Newtongrange Silver Andrew Duncan 188 5
4 Dalmellington Band Erik Janssen 187 6
5 Dunaskin Doon Gareth Brindle 186 1
6 Bo’ness & Carriden Lee Skipsey 185 10
7 Kirkintilloch Kelvin Brass Charles Keenan 184 9
8 Bon Accord Silver Stephen Malcolm 183 8
9 Bathgate Paul Lovatt-Cooper 182 2
10 Johnstone Band Lynda Nicholson 181 7

Dalmellington Band is one of the oldest Brassbands in the World and their history is impressive. Besides their history they still do so well, breading so many talents ! I am looking forward to my next visit ! Thank you all for your hard work.

We even had time to do some sightseeing with my family. Scotland is a great country !

Norwegian Brassband Championships 2019 Bergen

Last Saturday Rong Brass competed in de 1st division of the NM.

Photo made at the try out concert in the Grieg Hallen in Bergen by John Vint.

David Morton prepared the band really well before my arrival, and the band was excited after their win in Siddis 2018. So it was another great week of inspiring work in Rong !

Photo John Vint.

Adjudicators: Jens Torolf Larsen, Thomas Beiganz and Christopher Parkes.

First Division:

1. Krohnengen (Prof Nicholas Childs) — 96
2. Kleppe Musikklag (Philip Hannevik) — 95
3. Rong Brass (Erik Janssen) — 93
4. Askoy Brass Band (Svein Henrik Giske) — 92
5. Ila Brass (Adam Cooke) — 91
6. Flesland Musikklag (Thor-Arne Pedersen) — 89
7. Tomra Brass Band (Frans Violet) — 88
8. Radoy Brass (Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen) — 87
9. Sandefjord Brass Symposium (Helge Haukas) — 86
10.Tertnes Amatorkorps (Tormod Flaten) — 85
=11. Hasle Brass (Robert Solberg Nilsen) — 84
=11. Oster Brass (Eirik Gjerdevik) — 84

4BarsRest: The level of First Division playing in Norway is very high indeed. There are a host of bands here who wouldn’t be out of place in the Grand Shield and a couple at least who would grace the British Open.

We are just over halfway through the contest and we have heard a number of high class performances — and one exceptional one from Krohnengen under Prof Nicholas Childs.

The latest classy show came from Rong Brass conducted by Erik Janssen (above) — so no wonder he was smiling.

Sinfonietta Nr. 3 of Etienne Crausaz is a great composition and it I am really proud of the performance. Rong Brass ending up 3rd in this incredible strong field was fantastic.

Great to have your try out here ! Grieg Hallen.

It was great to have the opportunity to play in the Grieghallen on the monday before the contest and share the stage with Eikanger and Krohnengen for a try out. Thank you Frode Rydland for your feedback.

Together with Arvid Rong and David Morton, enjoying ourselves before the try out concert.

Their was also some quality time, Thanks Arvid for a great day !

Midwinter concert featuring Lito Fontana

Last Saturday the Spikerpakkenband performed their Mid Winter concert . Guest soloist was Lito Fontana, what a star he is ! It was Fantastico !

The band performed a mix of styles, and Lito played some inspiring solos: Fantastic Polka – Arthur Pryor (solo Lito) and Aristotles air – Christopher Bond: a duet for Lito and Frans de Haan our euphonium star.

The program after the break was:

Blackbird Special – Dirty Dozen Brassband; arr. Reid Gilje, Innuendo – Queen; arr. Peter Meechan, Brasilia – Robin Dewhurst and For a lost love – Tom Davoren both featuring Lito.  The Lord d of the Rings: the fellowship of the Ring– H. Shore; arr. A. Duncan, Sinng Sing Sing – Louis Prima; arr.  Dan Price,   Ballkan Dance – Etienne Crauzas and as a encore: Libertango – Astor Piazzolla with Lito !

After the concert we had a cool afterparty in our bandroom and ofcourse Lito is added on the wall of fame !