European Brassband Championship 2018 Utrecht

Busy times studying the scores for the European Brassband Championships.

On thursday 3rd of  May the Final of the European Soloist competition  will take place in Tivoli Utrecht.

Together with  Simone Rebello, Tormod Flatten and Martin Winter I will form the adjudication team.

Looking forward to see Russel Gray and Brassband Schoonhoven doing the accompaniment of the 3 best solist in beautiful concertos.

Ivan Meylemans will do the other part of the concert as conductor of the European youth Brassband 2018.

Saturday 5th May The Own Choice competition Championship section Tivoli Utrecht

What great fun to study the works which will beperformed as own choice test peices

It is so inspiring to study my old scores again, and it takes time  learn some new scores !

Exciting times ! looking forward to team up with Blaise Heritier and Russel Gray