“Jeanne d’Arc”

Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc) is a consistent solo piece for French horn and symphonic band. The score evokes the life story of the 15th century French heroine and freedom fighter. God orders her to deliver her people from the English oppressors. Driven by a strong will, the French gain one victory after another, but in the end the French get fed up with Jeanne’s desire for liberty. She is betrayed and handed over to the English. At her trial she refuses to swear the oath and is condemned to the stake. Joan of Arc was canonized by the Catholic Church as late as in 1920. In the score the heroine is represented by the solo French horn. The horn’s many-sided characteristics, ranging from romantic sounds to heroic passages in the upper register, are demonstrated throughout the different parts of the story. This recording was made with Bernardo Silva French Horn, Verao Amizade and conductor Erik Janssen.

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