“Jeanne d’Arc”

Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc) is a consistent solo piece for French horn and symphonic band. The score evokes the life story of the 15th century French heroine and freedom fighter. God orders her to deliver her people from the…

Photos J. Dubbink

Press photoshoot, credits Jacqueline Dubbink.


A splendid new work for fanfare band, commissioned by the ‘Fanfare Aurora’ from the Dutch village Heesch, on the occasion of its centennial in 2006. The composition describes the origin of the village Heesch. The composer also used the name…

“Vissi d’Arte”

Vissi d’Arte is a soprano aria from act 2 of the opera Tosca by Giacomo Puccini. It is sung by Floria Tosca as she thinks of her fate, how the life of her beloved, Mario Cavaradossi, is at the mercy…

“Cycles and Myths”

A new composer and a new sound. This piece ‘Cycles and myths’ sounds quite modern and brings a mix of contemporary rhythmical sounds alternating with more quiet intermezzi. This composition will, no doubt, please any young audience. The initial theme…

“The Transit of Venus”

The Transit of Venus is a work inspired by the soundtracks of science fiction movies related to space, the composition of which was initiated during the space phenomenon occurred in 2004 which the scientific community called “Transit of Venus.”

“Gypsy Rhapsody”

Easy to play for the band. A most rewarding piece for the soloist. With these gypsy melodies the solo clarinet player will have a great success.

“The Phantom of the Opera”

The Phantom of the Opera (for brass band) – Andrew Lloyd Webber/Arr.Erik Janssen/Johan de Meij.