“The Witch and the Saint”

A so-called tone poem in one movement. This composition by Steven Reineke tells the story of the lives of twin sisters, Helena and Sibylla, born in Germany in 1588. The sisters were separated at birth, one going through life as…

Photoshoot “De Spijkerpakkenband”

Kind permission of Lyuda Stinissen.

EuroBrass “Turris Fortissima”

EuroBrass “Turris Fortissima” by Steven Ponsford performed by Brassband Schoonhoven.

Brassband Schoonhoven “Myth Forest”

“Myth Forest” by Stig Nordhagen, performed by Brassband Schoonhoven at Eurobrass 2013.

“Sinifionetta nr. 3” Etienne Crausaz

Spijkerpakkenband NBK 2016 Sinifionetta nr. 3 Etienne Crausaz.

“Rainforest Concerto”

Rainforest Concerto has been commissioned by the Brass Band Rijnmond. This double concerto for two trombones and brass or wind band consists of three parts with the cadenza in the slow niddle movement. Saskia Apon was inspired by the threat…

“Glimpses of a Life”

“Glimpses of a Life” was written for and performed by the Trompetterkorps der Koninklijke Marechaussee and its conductor Captain Erik Janssen. It is a musical hommage to the life of Colonel van Houten. The composition was made possible by Stichting van…