Midwinter concert Spijkerpakkenband

Last Saturday’s Midwinterconcert was a great show !

Thanks to Eirik Gjerdevik  for playing the Concertino for Tuba by Carlos Marques. VeThe Midwinter concert of last saturday was a great succes ! Very special for me as both are true friends.Eirik also gave stunning performances of  Largo all Factotum, a great emotional performance ofLa Melancholica and Flight of the Bumble Bee, which will give a smile on my face for the next weeks !

The concert  program featured a Music of the Spheres at the serious end of the spectrum, and Flight of the Bumbel -Bee and Seven Nations Army at the other. Thanks Ido Gerard Kempenaar and Jelle Visser for some custom arrangements.  Great to see the Spijkerpakkenband delivered so well !
Janneke Brakels gave a short preview of her concert repertoire with the band which will be held at March 3rd in The Skans in Gorredijk.

Thank you all for performing so well,

Happy conductor

Erik, Janneke and Eirik !