World Music contest Kerkrade

It was a great weekend in Kerkrade!

Last weekend I was priviliged to conduct my 2 favorite bands in Kerkrade during the World Music Contest. It was a pleasure to welcome my friend from Yorkshire in our great little country!

The galaconcert with Carlton Main was Live broadcasted on the Radio. We featured a program featuring  some of Ben Hollings compositions. Ben is the resident composer of Carlton Main.

Another remarkable item was David Read conducting the March the Elephand by J. Ord. Hume.

David had his first visit to Kerkrade with the band in 1949 as cornet player. This event seemed to be the inspiration for Kerkrade to start the World Music Contest in 1951 featuring 14 different nations.

You can listen here

Our result was great endoing op 3rd overall in the two topdivisions, and huge respect and congratulations must go to my good friends Frans Violet of Brassband Willebroek who won the concert division and Anno Appelo who won the first division with Brassband Wijk en Aalburg, and offcourse all competing bands and conductors.

Ending up 3rd in both divisions with 95 points for CMFCB and 92,5 for the Spijkerpakkenband makes me very proud.  Really great after so much hard work and so many reheasals in the UK and  Netherlands.