Yamaha Band Clinic 2019

December 7 and 8: the Yamaha band clinic 2019 !

The concept is so cool, workshops, forum, sectionals, massed band you name it.

This year Russell Gray, Simone Rebello, Armin Bachmann, Arfon Owen, Katrina Marzella and my person where working with the bands.

Gerard Koning and Timo Hanf of Yamaha organised this great weekend.

The final presentation on both days was really cool, some great soloist.

Armin Bachmann performing Fantastic Polka

Katrina performad Napoli of Bellstedt, Arfon performed Lark in the Clear Air arranged by Gorden Langford, and Armin performad Fantastic Polka of Arthur Pryor.

such as Arfon playing Lark in the Clear Air, Katrina performing Napoli, Armin performing Fantastic Polka of Pryor and Simone performed A Little Prayer by Eveline Glennie, it as so beautiful !